Here at American Dog we recognize that not all dogs covet their toys like Gracie. Some try to destroy as quickly as possible in the quest of the all mighty squeaker…we are lucky to have a resident toy tester named Shadow who represents this class. We use his input to try and make our products as tough as possible. What we learn from him we use to make decisions on what materials we use and where that squeaker lives.

That said, there is no such thing as an indestructible dog toy. If your dog falls into the “Shadow class” and destroys one of our toys within the first 10 days, we will replace it for free one time with no questions asked. Simply fill out the form below and we will mail you a new one. We will not ask for the old toy back so there will be no cost to you. DO NOT RETURN THE TOY TO THE STORE WHERE YOU PURCHASED IT.

We encourage you to play with your dog(s), our toys can take a beating. Lots of pulling, tugging, fetching, and keep-away. They will hold up to with all the interactive play you and your loving dog(s) can dish out but be mindful of them sneaking away to gnaw at the toy in an effort to dissect it.

We look forward to a long and playful relationship with you, so remember: Run. Play. Relax…repeat!

The American Dog Pack